Standing Examiner

In Maryland, courts often refer certain uncontested cases to a Standing Examiner who has the power to take evidence in a hearing. Standing Examiners are appointed by a majority of judges in a county’s Circuit Court. They have considerable experience in practicing law and the respect of their peers.

When someone involved with a legal case is required to appear before a Standing Examiner, they should treat the experience as if they were appearing in court before a judge. It is important to come prepared and present only the truth because the evidence is admitted under oath.  A hearing before a Standing Examiner is something like the informational part of a trial, where parties present their evidence, but before the court issues any type of decision.

Powers of a Standing Examiner

Like a judge, a Standing Examiner is empowered to regulate all matters in the hearing as prescribed by the court. Powers designated to a Standing Examiner by Maryland law include the ability to: 

  • Compel the attendance of witnesses through subpoena
  • Compel the production of documents and other evidence
  • Administer oaths to witnesses
  • Examine witnesses
  • Convene and adjourn hearings as they see fit
  • Recommend contempt proceedings or other penalties for those who fail to comply

While an examiner does not have the power to issue a ruling if someone makes an objection or refuses to answer in a proceeding, the objection or refusal should still be raised in the hearing or the right to file an exception on that ground will be waived. The examiner can refer a refusal to the court for a prompt decision.

Contact an Attorney if You Need Help with a Proceeding Before a Standing Examiner

Because the information taken in evidence by a Standing Examiner carries so much weight, it is important to ensure that it is correct and that it fully conveys the details you need to include. At the Law Offices of Ralph W. Powers, Jr., we are ready to assist with all aspects of court proceedings, including the presentation of evidence to a Standing Examiner. 

In fact, Attorney Zachary Worshtil serves as a Standing Examiner in Prince George’s County and has intimate experience with the evidentiary process. To learn how we could help you reach your goals, Contact us now for a confidential consultation.